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We were tasked with creating a brand identity, and online store, along with content and images for - a fashion brand focusing on printing their own colourful and unique prints on clothing and some home decor.

Graphic Design
The client:


The project started as always with a conversation. The client - an artist, had several designs that they wished to use to begin a fashion brand printing them directly onto clothing. They had a name, and the designs, and wanted to get online to start selling as soon as possible. They also wanted to utilise a Print-on-Demand service to begin with to keep overheads as low as possible - this means that each order would be sent directly from the site to the print partner, who would then print the garment and dispatch it directly to the buyer. What this means is that no inventory has to be purchased initially by the store - which means a low-cost launch.

After our initial consultation about what they wanted the brand to feel like, and what the site needed to do. We set to creating a brand, after 3 rounds of development the client loved the logo, and the look that we had created for them.

We set to work on the Shopify site, in the theme of keeping the cost as low as possible we used the free theme Brooklyn for the project, which we modified to achieve the desired look.

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