We Are Oddbox Studio No Longer

A few introductory words about the fairly major rebrand, after all, it's only right that we introduce ourselves properly.

Mat French
January 6, 2021

What a year it’s been! 2020 has certainly had its ups and downs, and it’s been a challenging year for many business owners both professionally and personally.

The same has definitely been the case here, and after several years operating Oddbox Studio (Oddbox Ltd) part-time, 2020 was the year I decided to go all-in on what has always been a life goal of mine - to be my own boss.

Now as you’re probably aware (and as Google Analytics tells me) Oddbox (the fruit and veg delivery subscription company) are growing in popularity, in fact it was a few months ago that I was having a conversation with a stranger about what it is I do, when I mentioned my business name, and having to clarify that they are 2 different companies that I realised it’s time for a new brand, a fresh look, a new beginning.

So here we are! Many hours of brainstorming later, Oddbox Studio is now Plato Agency. Same company name, but a shiny new brand to be the face, to represent myself and the company better after a few years of learning and growth, and also… To stop being confused with the fruit and veg company.

I really hope that you like the change. To new and future customers - hello! And to Oddbox Clients, welcome back! I hope you like the change, you’ll likely start seeing the new logo on the invoices soon.

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Meet the author:

Mat French

Creative Director

Began playing around in Photoshop that came with my first PC at age 8, and never stopped. My first paid design work was a logo for a local manufacturing business in primary school at age 10 - I was paid in sweets and food, and a tour around the factory. I've been fortunate enough to work in agencies and small businesses as in-house designers, freelance on and off since university, before starting Oddbox Studio, and now more recently - Plato Agency. When I'm not building websites or designing or writing, I'm usually reading something about one of those things. It's safe to say design is a lifelong passion.